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  • If you're trying to get in touch to be abusive or downright unconstructive, don't worry about visiting this site - there'll be an election along shortly.
  • Have you tried joining the Labour Party? As well as being the future of politics, you can meet exciting new people and join in a wide variety of activities like Policy Forums and Fund-raising whist drives (contact local constituency office for times). Call 08705 900 200 for further details, or visit
  • If you are trying to reach the teens site, click here. You would think that respected journalists who go to the effort of printing a web address would make the effort to check that it was correct. (Does not apply if you were sent here by The Grauniad.) The teens site is the result of a member of parliament for the first time understanding what it's really like to be a youth today. He's not that old himself, you know. And he's really made an effort.
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